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I’m a simple girl, living a seemingly simple life, with a not so simple palette. I create all the recipes, content, and photos for this blog. I love food (duh) and I love sharing my creations. There’s nothing better than seeing someone make one of your recipes and love it just as much as you do. I also love seeing people take their own spin on my recipes — food is always evolving!


My Journey into the Culinary World 


My passion for food started I was a junior in highschool. My family had just moved to Suriname due to my dad’s job so I was shipped off to boarding school in Massachusetts with my sister. While I loved having the opportunities that I did in an American school, I missed being home because that meant Hilda. Now, Hilda was my best friend– not because we went to movies, or gossiped about boys, but because she was our cook.

I would wake up in the morning and she would already be sitting in our kitchen waiting for me. I remember sitting on the kitchen counter and watching her make traditional Javanese food that I would later divulge in.

It was on that kitchen counter where I first started to learn about cooking and how to create my own specialties. She taught me that most recipes start with onions and garlic and that measuring utensils are in no way shape or form a necessity. Needless to say, onions and garlic are a prominent part of my diet and measuring cups and spoons are used as extra eating vessels.

I attended the University of Denver and majored in Marketing, but quickly realized that was not the right path for me. I spent 2 years jumping from job to job trying to find something that really interested me…. think camp counselor, teacher, realtor… all to find out that what I really wanted, was to be a chef. I enrolled in culinary school and the rest is history!














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