• Black Forest Cake Trifle

    Black forest cake will always have a special place in my heart. It always makes me think of my mom as growing up this was her specialty. Granted, she made it using a boxed cake mix and canned cherry pie Continue Reading

  • Gluten Free Coconut Oil Cookies

    These cookies ya’ll…. amazing! I first made these cookies when working with my personal chef friend. She often had clients who had allergies and intolerances every recipe we used was usually modified in one way or another. These cookies were Continue Reading

  • Chocolate Raspberry Sprinkles Cake

    Ok, can we just talk about sprinkles cake for a minute? Specifically how there is always rainbow sprinkles cakes, but never chocolate sprinkles cakes!!! What’s up with that? I know that rainbow sprinkles look awesome and fun, but …chocolate… Whenever Continue Reading

  • Blueberry Hemp Seed Bliss Balls

    I’ve started to have this mentality that if something has more than 3 ingredients, I’m not going to buy it but rather make it at home. That way, I can control everything that goes into it and the quantities. Unfortunately Continue Reading

  • 4 Ingredient Sunbutter Cups

    I freaking love these!!!! As many of you who have read my posts before might know, I’m not the biggest fan of peanut butter. I find that it’s a little too rich for me and I don’t necessarily feel the Continue Reading

  • Cardamom Snickerdoodle Cookie Cups

    There’s something about having cookies around that makes a girl VERY happy. I have a huge sweet tooth so while I try to limit my baking, it’s hard to resist the thought of a soft snickerdoodle right out of the Continue Reading

  • Coconut Lime Popcorn

    So, it snowed last night. Kind of funny that I already had in my mind to post this recipe and thinking about it, I don’t want to change my mind! We loved eating this popcorn over the weekend and since Continue Reading

  • Chocolate Strawberry Chia Pudding

    Why do I always forget about chia seeds???? I love having chia pudding readily available, but I never think of it when meal planning for the week. That changed last week when my boss kept bringing strawberry chia pudding to Continue Reading

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Cashew Milk

    Before I even went vegan, I stopped drinking milk in college. It was something about the mouth-feel and getting the inside of my mouth coated ¬†lactose and nastyness. I never felt good after drinking milk and didn’t even really like Continue Reading

  • Walnut Chocolate Chip Blondies

    Sometimes you just want a gooey, buttery, chocolatey treat that is not good for you and you may or may not regret it in the morning but at the time it’s the best idea in the world. I’m telling you, Continue Reading

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